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The Architects Arena - Design Your Own Architecture/Interior Design Studio

Office / Workshop / Studio holds a significant place in every designer's life because from this very workplace your concepts turn into reality. We believe your workspace represents you & the way you work. Our studio is like a mirror , it reflects what we do , how we do & what we are capable of doing. As Architects/Interior designers we all have a dream of having our own studio. The challenge is to design an architecture/interior design studio with workspace for 20-40 people. The aim of the competition is to design a studio which is open for design dialogues , a studio that is innovative in terms of its architecture & interiors and a studio that is beyond glass cubicles & breaks the monotony of a conventional office.


The Great Portfolio - Architecture Portfolio of the Year Award 2022

An Architecture Portfolio reflects academic/professional journey of an individual through drawings & graphics. Portfolios are must for architecture students as it is their only introductory presentation which showcases their working method & style and what the individual is capable of pulling when it comes to designing & software skills. A well designed portfolio is one of the most important document for any architect/architecture student who is looking for a good opportunity in the field of design. The main aim of THE GREAT PORTFOLIO competition is to provide a recognition to some of the most spectacular architectural portfolios.


Archmello Thesis Award

An Architecture Thesis starts with the difficult task of topic selection, tons of research work, case studies, site selection, concept development, design evolution, the presentation & report development. We believe thesis represents you & your understanding of the entire field. Thesis is the most important part of an architecture student’s life as it provides an opportunity to the students to explore a particular design category, address a social – cultural issue through design or work on the futuristic theme. Archmello’s “Thesis Of The Year” award is open to all recent/past graduates & post graduates in architecture. The competition is open for both Indian & Foreign nationals. The “Thesis of the Year Award” is our small attempt to honour some amazing thesis works.


The Habitat - Rethinking Student Housing in India

An invitation to all designers to provide a quality student housing solution for India. The major thought behind the competition is to address the unmet demand of student housing across India through an innovative architectural solution. The idea is to enhance the concept of “student community” in India by setting up student residence module such that it can be repeated across the country & function as a student housing brand. The aim of the competition is to design a small student housing facility which provides quality living to the students. Come, join this design movement and be a part of this amazing competition.

The Master Studio - Community of Architecture & Design

An invitation to all designers to design a co-working commercial space for freelancing architects, studios for established firms and a learning center for architecture students. The major thought behind the competition is to design a facility where the design students & professionals can work together encouraging design dialouge , interactive sessions , workshops & a new generation of architects. The idea is to create a facility which bridges the gap between students & professionals. The main aim is to create an one of its kind design facility where students & architects learn & work under one roof. Come, join this design movement and be a part of this amazing competition.

The Attendance - Reconfiguring Government Schools in India

An invitation to all designers to design a government school in India. There are about 10 lakh government schools in India offering primary education but these schools are in extremely bad shape with some even lacking basic facilities such as electricity & water. The major thought behind the competition is to address the issue of the poor condition of government schools in India through architecture by proposing a "Model School" which can be repeated across the nation. Let’s rethink these “Education Temples” of India, let’s redefine these education spaces & recreate a school which could benefit millions of children in achieving a better education. Come, join this design movement and be a part of this amazing competition.


Early Bird Registration



Indian Nationals - INR 1200.00

Foreign Nationals - USD 25.00


Indian Nationals - INR 1550.00

Indian Nationals - INR 35.00

Standard Registration



Indian Nationals - INR 1500.00

Foreign Nationals - USD 35.00


Indian Nationals - INR 1850.00

Foreign Nationals - USD 45.00

Late Registration



Indian Nationals - INR 1800.00

Foreign Nationals - USD 45.00


Indian Nationals - INR 2150.00

Foreign Nationals - USD 60.00


First Prize

INR 1,00,000 + Certificate + Publication

Second Prize

INR 50,000 + Certificate + Publication

Third Prize

INR 25,000 + Certificate + Publication

Best Student Design Award

Certificate + Publication

Best Architect Design Award

Certificate + Publication

Best Presentation Award

Certificate + Publication


Smaran Mallesh

Co-Founder & Principal Architect , Cadence Architects