Architectural GRAPHIX - Celebrating Architecture Through Drawings

Total Prize - INR 45000

Registration Dates

22/06/2023 to 03/10/2023

In architecture , drawings are our primary tools of communication through which we as designers express/showcase/deliver our design thoughts to our clients. From manually drafting to today's digital version , architectural drawings have seen a impressive transformation. Instead of flat autocad drawings , today's GEN Z designers are preparing more visually appealing graphics using Photoshop & other presentation softwares. Instagram is flooded with such eye catching plans , sections , axonometric diagrams and elevations. Through this competition it is our small attempt to provide a recognition to this new generation of graphic masters. Its time to put your architectural drawing presentation skills on test & join us today as we celebate architecture through drawings.

Total Prize
INR 45000

Shweta Hingane

An Architect , Urban Planner & Creative Enthusiast - The.Archart


Santhosh Narayanan

First Prize Winner - GP22A0194 - INDIA

Ahmad Syahmi Bin Ahmad Shahabuddin

Second Prize Winner - GP22A0303 - Malaysia

Jagdish Samal

Third Prize Winner - GP22A0074 - INDIA

Aaryan Buddhadev

Frist Prize Winner - GX23A0537

Amay Rathi

Second Prize Winner - GX23A0510


Third Prize Winner - GX23A0424

Anantha Padmanabhan V S

Honorable Mention - GX23A0442

Disha Rabadia

Honorable Mention - GX23A0483

Kevin Paul

Honorable Mention - GX23A0429

Shubhi Mittal

Honorable Mention - GX23A0407

Srujana P

Honorable Mention - GX23A0460

Nirali Hiteshbhai Vadgama

Honorable Mention - GX23A0450

Juhi Sheth

Honorable Mention - GX23A0475

Amay Rathi

Honorable Mention - GX23A0484


Honorable Mention - GX23A0464

Sanya Gupta

Honorable Mention - GX23A0418


Special Mention - GX23A0462

Edreena Ann Babu

Special Mention - GX23A0420

Prathamesh Anant Parab

Special Mention - GX23A0470

Gauri Pattiwar

Special Mention - GX23A0536

Suhani Shah

Special Mention - GX23A0530

Swasti Choksi

Special Mention - GX23A0522

Mita Sinha

Special Mention - GX23A0492

Tehreem Shaikh

Special Mention - GX23A0467

Arya Jaiswara

Special Mention - GX23A0425

Vedanshee Dholariya

Special Mention - GX23A0392