Archmello Thesis Award

Total Prize - INR 100000

Registration Dates

13/03/2021 to 19/09/2021

An Architecture Thesis starts with the difficult task of topic selection, tons of research work, case studies, site selection, concept development, design evolution, the presentation & report development. We believe thesis represents you & your understanding of the entire field. Thesis is the most important part of an architecture student’s life as it provides an opportunity to the students to explore a particular design category, address a social – cultural issue through design or work on the futuristic theme. Archmello’s “Thesis Of The Year” award is open to all recent/past graduates & post graduates in architecture. The competition is open for both Indian & Foreign nationals. The “Thesis of the Year Award” is our small attempt to honour some amazing thesis works.

Total Prize
INR 100000

Soumitro Ghosh

Principal Architect - Mathew & Ghosh Architects

Shimul Javeri Kadri

Principal Architect - SJK Architects

Snehal & Bhadri Suthar

Principal Architects - The Grid Architects

Biju Kuriakose

Co-Founder - architectureRED


First Prize - TA21A0052

Sergio Mutis - Colombia

Second Prize - TA21A0346

Lee Min Hui - Malaysia

Third Prize - TA21A0181

Preksha Chheda - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0191

Hariish Ananthan - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0587

Anandita Ayesha Rangarajan - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0466

Theodora Li - United Kingdom

Honorable Mention - TA21A0231

Harish Kanth - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0441

Akanksha Deolekar - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0410

Jerwin Geo - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0422

Santhosh Narayanan - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0488

Saivi Shah - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0538

Mohamed Farook Ahlam S - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0332

Adnan Kasubhai - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0382

Mokshit Dedhia - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0593

Francesca Prini, Selene Rini, Nicole Vettore - Italy

Honorable Mention - TA21A0459

Riyesh Patil - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0413

Vatsal Shah - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0190

Lilian Silva Costa - Brazil

Honorable Mention - TA21A0182

Abishek Raj - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0158

Ravi Modi - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0149

Anisha Mehta - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0108

Utkarsh Kumar Verma - India