Archmello - Thesis of the Year Award : 2023

Total Prize - INR 75000

Registration Dates

29/12/2022 to 05/07/2023

Thesis , the only studio in architecture wherein the student gets a chance to select the studio program of his/her choice. It provides an opportunity to the students to explore a particular design category, address any social - cultural - political issue through architecture or work on the futuristic theme for the betterment of the society. Architectural Thesis is a stage of going beyond & exploring new dimensions of designs. We believe six months of rigorous research & design creativity should be acknowledged. THESIS OF THE YEAR AWARD - 2023 is our small attempt to honor some of the best thesis works from around the globe.

Total Prize
INR 75000

Prof. Percy Adil Pithawala

Founder - The Red Studio

Sonke Hoof & Khushnu Panthaki Hoof

Principal Architects - Studio Sangath


First Prize - TA21A0052

Sergio Mutis - Colombia

Second Prize - TA21A0346

Lee Min Hui - Malaysia

Third Prize - TA21A0181

Preksha Chheda - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0191

Hariish Ananthan - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0587

Anandita Ayesha Rangarajan - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0466

Theodora Li - United Kingdom

Honorable Mention - TA21A0231

Harish Kanth - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0441

Akanksha Deolekar - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0410

Jerwin Geo - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0422

Santhosh Narayanan - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0488

Saivi Shah - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0538

Mohamed Farook Ahlam S - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0332

Adnan Kasubhai - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0382

Mokshit Dedhia - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0593

Francesca Prini, Selene Rini, Nicole Vettore - Italy

Honorable Mention - TA21A0459

Riyesh Patil - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0413

Vatsal Shah - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0190

Lilian Silva Costa - Brazil

Honorable Mention - TA21A0182

Abishek Raj - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0158

Ravi Modi - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0149

Anisha Mehta - India

Honorable Mention - TA21A0108

Utkarsh Kumar Verma - India

First Prize - TA23B70923

Anu Issac

Second Prize - TA23B70961

Aum Gohil

Third Prize - TA23B70775

Dean Smuts ( South Africa )

Honorable Mention - TA23B71226

Vinayak Bhattacharya, Tanvee Thapa, Silvia Caremoli

Honorable Mention - TA23B70689

Serah Yatin

Honorable Mention - TA23B71050

Liron Gonsalves

Honorable Mention - TA23B1225

Md. Zahidur Rahman

Honorable Mention - TA23B71236

Ritika Somani

Honorable Mention - TA23B71225

Ayesha Akhter

Honorable Mention - TA23B71206

Alvin Baride

Honorable Mention - TA23B70905

Ngo Thanh Quy

Honorable Mention - TA23B71219

Md. Muhaiminur Rahman

Honorable Mention - TA23B70901

Raj Dhikle

Special Mention - TA23B71240

Snigdha Gopalkrishnan

Special Mention - TA23B70859

Rohit Belvikar

Special Mention - TA23B70912

KR Gopika

Special Mention - TA23B71241

Riddhee Madan Patil

Special Mention - TA23B71160

Harsh Agarwal

Special Mention - TA23B71012

Priya Chauhan

Special Mention - TA23B70737

Reeshba Reji

Special Mention - TA23B1533

Amay Rathi

Special Mention - TA23B70927

Pradyumna Lalit Vikharankar

Special Mention - TA23B41425

Dia Vohra

Top 10 - TA23B70973

Riya Saira Georgi

Top 10 - TA23B41435

Eromitha Ramesh

Top 10 - TA23B1547

Vini Thakker

Top 10 - TA23B70941

Rachit Joshi

Top 10 - TA23B71129

Garima Mutha

Top 10 - TA23B1531

Urja Laddha

Top 10 - TA23B71044

Pawan Tank

Top 10 - TA23B1545

Disha Rabadia

Top 10 - TA23B70782

Zalavadiya Nikunj Harshadbhai

Top 10 - TA23B71248

Woon Zi Zheng