The Habitat - Rethinking Student Housing in India

An invitation to all designers to provide a quality student housing solution for India. The major thought behind the competition is to address the unmet demand of student housing across India through an innovative architectural solution. The idea is to enhance the concept of “student community” in India by setting up student residence module such that it can be repeated across the country & function as a student housing brand. The aim of the competition is to design a small student housing facility which provides quality living to the students. Come, join this design movement and be a part of this amazing competition.


Ar. Shantanu Poredi

Founding Partner - Mobile Offices

Ar. Manisha Agarwal

Founding Partner - Mobile Offices

Ar. Lester Rozario

Founding Partner - Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Ar. Neha JP

Project Architect - Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Ar. Mrigank Roychoudhury

Project Architect - Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Arunima Dasgupta , Adithya David Premraj , Shefali Mendon

First Prize - TH20A5046 - INDIA

Ravi Jitendrabhai Shapariya

Second Prize - TH20A1383 - INDIA

Shivani Agrawal , Kunal Jain

Third Prize - TH20A1425 - INDIA

Shilong Li , Ruohan Zhang , Yuxin Nie

Best Student Design - TH20A5075 - UNITED KINGDOM

Mallika Goyal , Deepshikha Singh , Mukesh Chawla

Best Young Architect Design - TH20A1419 - INDIA

Kiran Padmanabhan , Sherly Irene RP

Best Presentation Award - TH20A1118 - INDIA

Sejin An , Chiwon Choi

People's Choice Award - TH20A1309 - SOUTH KOREA

Teyjanveer Singh

Honorable Mention - TH20A1392 - INDIA

Jianlan Zhao , Mingyuan Liu

Honorable Mention - TH20A5069 - UNITED STATES

Roshan Sanjeev Kandregula , Keerthana Elchuri

Honorable Mention - TH20A1087 - INDIA

Divya Mohan , Shveta Mohan

Honorable Mention - TH20A1363 - INDIA

Shivangi Narke , Apeksha Jadhav , Ashita Khamar

Honorable Mention - TH20A1283

Rozanne Jojo

Honorable Mention - TH20A1239 - INDIA

Vishnu Ram K , Mohammed Ziyadh , Mohammed Jasim

Honorable Mention -TH20A1117 - INDIA

Sharmen Mehta , Heet Saliya , Mohammad Ali Sulaimani

Honorable Mention - TH20A1388 - INDIA

Vishakha Naik , Prathamesh Kubal

Honorable Mention - TH20A1063 - INDIA

Pravin S Mistry , Vivek D Mavani , Saransh N Jethva

Honorable Mention - TH20A1176 - INDIA

Brijesh Kukadiya

Honorable Mention - TH20A5051 - INDIA

Francisco Rodil Santos , Maria Teresa Cayatte , Beatriz Furtado Frois

Honorable Mention - TH20A1124 - PORTUGAL

Kirthi Pillai , Amal Nair , Yash Shetty

Honorable Mention - TH20A1263 - INDIA

Ayushi Jaiswal , Gaurav Kumar , Shubham Rai

Honorable Mention - TH20A1229 - INDIA

Pratik Bhansali , Heena Ajmera

Honorable Mention - TH20A1286 - INDIA

Sonali Chulki

Honorable Mention - TH20A1362 - INDIA

Lee Seung Hoon , Kang Chang Woo

Honorable Mention - TH20A1308 - SOUTH KOREA

Naman Shroff , Akash Kumar Dhara , Kibriya Firoz

Honorable Mention - TH20A1238 - INDIA

Prasanna Sarpotdar , Aishwarya Mandavgane

Honorable Mention - TH20A1209 - INDIA

Parth Mathkari

Honorable Mention - TH20A1440 - INDIA