Loo(k) For Future - Next-Gen Public Toilet : An Innovation Challenge

Imagine it is 2080. It’s a sunny day and you are in the heart of a busy city. Everything is bright, loud and shiny. You amble around the city, looking at flying cars swooshing by above you. You check your Levi wristwatch for time. And that’s when you hear nature calling! You look around for a public toilet and find one soon enough. You sigh in relief. And just like that, you are inside the public toilet. What does the future of sanitary infrastructure look like? Is it any different from what we see today? Or is it like Minimal Greek Agoras or very sci-fi Cyberpunk? This competition is your chance to reimagine the public toilet for the year 2080! We're talking next-level tech, sustainable features, and a design that's, well, not an eyesore.