Pin Up Gallery - Design A Dedicated Jury Space

An invitation to all designers to a dedicated area which can host architecture juries/viva & pin up of other subjects. The aim of the competition is to develop a module of “Jury Space” which is innovative bold & dynamic , multifunctional , aesthetically appealing & most importantly it should be functional & user friendly. Over the course of 5 years, each student approximately pin’s up his/her work for approximately more than 50 times for juries & viva. In most cases we end up with pin up in our studios , in an empty hall or along the corridors. But here is one thing, none of these spaces are designed to host a jury in first place. The entire 5 years of the degree we are taught about space organization but when it comes to our own Pin – Up areas do you think we have done anything over the years ? May be your design can be the solution of this for the present & upcoming generation of architecture students.


Gurjit Singh Matharoo

Principal Architect - Matharoo Associates

Adhvaith Arun & Snehalatha Sivakumar

First Prize – PG21D2054 - INDIA

Aaliya Syeda , Kinnera Vemulapalli & Kenneth Joseph

Second Prize – PG21D2139 - INDIA

Manandeep Narag

Third Prize – PG21D2114 - INDIA

Shaocong Yang

Best Student Design Entry – PG21D2064 - AUSTRALIA

Sonu Jangid , Sarthak Dixit & Mustakim Lakdawala

Best Architect Design Entry – PG21D2111 - INDIA

Talha Khan , Mayur Ambhore & Kevin Lakhmani

Best Presentation Award – PG21D2074 - INDIA

Mitul Jikadra , Brijesh Kadecha & Ganesh Gulve

Honorable Mention – PG21D2109 - INDIA

Suvan Bhagat , Ankit Baban Lakhamapure & Saswat Pati

Honorable Mention – PG21D2070 - INDIA

Nithish P & V K Oviya

Honorable Mention – PG21D2166 - INDIA

Riya Tewatia

Honorable Mention - PG21D8233 - INDIA

Ranmeet Wadhwa

Honorable Mention – PG21D2125 - INDIA

Karandeep Singh , Namandeep Singh & Srikant Rana

Honorable Mention – PG21D2159 - INDIA

Gopal Suner , Nimita Mehta & Sakshi Pandey

Honorable Mention – PG21D2162 - INDIA

Urja Laddha & Amay Rathi

Honorable Mention – PG21D2090 - INDIA

Zalak Jagwani

Honorable Mention – PG21D8128 - INDIA

Samruddhi Shilotri

Honorable Mention – PG21D8173 - INDIA

Leena Dhiwar & Hritika Karangutkar

Honorable Mention – PG21D2110 - INDIA

Rohit Kunwar

Honorable Mention – PG21D8149 - INDIA

Sanjana Joshi , Nikita Jambavalikar & Vaibhavi Khandale

Honorable Mention – PG21D2056 - INDIA

Poorva Kelkar

Honorable Mention – PG21D8179 - INDIA

Aakriti Srivastava , Muskan Jaiswal & Kriti Kumari

Honorable Mention – PG21D8185 - INDIA

Vaibhav Sunil Jagadhane

Honorable Mention – PG21D8176 - INDIA