The Urban Escape - Designing A Community Of Eco - Habitats

An invitation to all designers to design a community of Eco - Habitats. The challenge is to design a community of 50 eco-homes. Each home in the community should be designed keeping in mind all the sustainable aspects. “The Urban Escape” design brief aims to explore innovative & sustainable housing ideas wherein earth , water , food , air and vegetation are considered as the elements of the project. The aim of the brief is to achieve design proposals which are bold, experimental & most importantly functional. Let us all try to bring a change and create a new category of housing which has all the features of an “Urban” home but at the same time the community experience is “Rural”.


Hiren Patel

Principal Architect - Hiren Patel Architects

Arya Arun , Sindhu Tadikonda , Prerna VR

First Prize - UE21C71678 - India/UAE

Manish Mahendran , Jayanth S

Second Prize - UE21C71816 - India

Selva Rahul

Third Prize - UE21C71857 - India

Aswin Suriya A

Best Architect Design - UE21C71844 - India

June Sardar , Utkarsh Prasad , Hritwik Kant

Best Student Design - UE21C71576 - India

Karan Ahire , Sanketa Sant

Best Presentation - UE21C71737 - India

Kwek See Keng , Ooi Wei Keat , Yee Chor Jhun

Honorable Mention - UE21C71619 - Malaysia

Naveen Raju

Honorable Mention - UE21C71668 - India

Madhav Shankhdhar , Shruti Kumari

Honorable Mention - UE21C71631 - India

Anwesha Datta , Piyasa Dutta

Honorable Mention - UE21C71680 - India

Ahmad Syahmi Bin Ahmad Shahabuddin , Nurul Hasni Binti Najmuddin , Amirul Hafiz Bin Mohd Muzamir

Honorable Mention - UE21C71652 - Malaysia