MasterPeace - A Meditation & Yoga Retreat Center Design Challenge

An invitation to all designers to design a meditation & yoga center catering its services to max. 500-1000 people. The center should have open & enclosed areas for meditation & yoga. The aim of the competition is to promote such retreat centers which have now become the need of the hour in today’s world. Yoga & Meditation in India were first practiced only by religious monks. Today millions of people worldwide roll out their mats daily to practice and is now a worldwide phenomenon. Dedicated centers & studios for practicing yoga & meditation have added to the popularity of both the art. Meditation & Yoga as a trend are bound to grow at a faster pace as more & more people indulge in these two art in order to find peace & physical fitness.


Sandeep Khosla

Founder + Principal - Khosla Associates

Deepak Guggari

Principal Architect - Studio VDGA

Ana Gabriela Araúz , Christian Lasso

First Prize - MP21B21107 - Panama

Chie Ping Boo

Second Prize - MP21B21252 - Malaysia

Ashish Suresh Dalal

Third Prize - MP21B21024 - India

Yajia He

Best Architect Design - MP21B21408 - United Kingdom

Govind Bhaskar Sawant , Mohammed Faiz Gahlot , Arya Manish Tipre

Best Student Entry - MP21B21085 - India

Shen Jiahui

Best Presentation - MP21B21068 - China

Kunal Sonawane , Uttkarsh Verma , Suhaas Dhanrale

Honorable Mention - MP21B21046 - India

Rifaat Hussain , Aman Sharma , Gopal Suner

Honorable Mention - MP21B21094 - India

Pulak Goyal , Hamsika G

Honorable Mention - MP21B21090 - India

Sharon Mariam Suresh , Clara Rose Jose , Navraz Dhungana

Honorable Mentions - MP21B21402 - India

Ankush Wahane , Kritika Khandelwal , Isha Khare

Honorable Mention - MP21B21287 - India

Sirisha S , Shrreyajaidarshan S , Spandana C M

Honorable Mention - MP21B21342 - India

Mansi Dhurat , Ashwin Raul

Honorable Mention - MP21B21101 - India

Ayushi Srivastava , Dhruv Bhatia , Priyanshu Jangid

Honorable Mention - MP21B21418 - India

Sarthak Mistry , Kshipra Tulsyan

Honorable Mention - MPB21211 - India

Kishore R , Kirthana S , Divyalakshmi S

Honorable Mention - MP21B21256 - India

Mohamed Nasrat I , V Hariharan , Mirsa Mosa M T

Honorable Mention - MP21B2932 - India

Shivalika Kanwar , Sushain Gupta , Gurkirat Singh

Honorable Mention - MP21B2984 - India

Kaushik Parashar , Sharvesh KT

Honorable Mention - MP21B21377 - India

Kushal Goyal , Prashant Vaghasiya , Mitul Jikarda

Honorable Mention - MP21B21148 - India

Varashri Bolar , Rajvi Borad , Prachi Gajjar

Honorable Mention - MP21B21100 - India