The Brewed Bar - An Urban Coffeehouse Design Challenge

An invitation to all designers to design an urban coffee house having a mix of open, semi-open & closed spaces. India is usually identified as a tea drinking country, but this is being slowly taken over by coffee as the choice of beverage in some urban centres. The entry of Café Coffee Day ( CCD ) in 1996 transformed the coffee drinking experience in India. Rising middle class, growing brand awareness, and the availability of international experiences at home are fuelling the coffee culture in India. The idea is to design a café which has an equal balance of ambience & aesthetics. Come, join this design movement and be a part of this amazing competition.


Ar. Huzefa Rangwala

Director & Co-Founder - MuseLAB

Ar. Jasem Pirani

Director & Co-Founder - MuseLAB

Kishor M , Poluri Jyothi

First Prize - BB21A0600 - INDIA

Anwesha Bagchi , Repaka Divya , Anasuya Ray

Second Prize - BB21A0434 - INDIA

Shaik Sohail , Vivek Rakotu , Snehitha Reddy

Third Prize - BB21A0731 - INDIA

Michalina Linkowska , Wiktoria Ciszak , Karolina Kozłowska

Best Student Design Entry - BB21A0647 - POLAND

Megha Jagdish Bilgi

Best Architect Design Entry - BB21A5157 - INDIA

Pragya Meena , Aarushi Jangid

Best Presentation Award - BB21A0414 - INDIA

Eeti Goel , Tanya Bansal , Akash Katnawar

Honorable Mention - BB21A0717 - INDIA

Sriram Vel Murugan , Gokul Dhamodharan , Ashwini Nathan

Honorable Mention - BB21A0480 - INDIA

Dinsha Mathur , Arundhati Saxena

Honorable Mention - BB21A0787 - INDIA

Esme Rothwell , Yin-Xu Yu

Honorable Mention - BB21A820 - UNITED KINGDOM

Anmol Jain , Naumaan Motiwala

Honorable Mention - BB21A0635 - INDIA

Vineetha Kavarthapu , Monish Tej . A

Honorable Mention - BB21A0703 - INDIA

Poorva Kelkar

Honorable Mention - BB21A0713 - INDIA

Chaithra S , Hema Mythri , Surya K

Honorable Mention - BB21A0368 - INDIA

Laura Castellanos , Charleen Haddad

Honorable Mention - BB21A0393 - COLOMBIA/LEBANON

Sonali , Shivi Agrawal

Honorable Mention - BB21A0740 - INDIA

Nafisah Binti Ezam , Muhammad 'Aqil bin Mohd Amran , Ahmad Syahmi Bin Ahmad Shahabuddin

Honorable Mention - BB21A0421 - MALAYSIA

Anwesha Datta , Piyasa Dutta , Pritam Bose

Honorable Mention - BB21A0513

Mahima Chaudhari , Sanjana Harkawat , Deepak Patel

Honorable Mention - BB21A0514 - INDIA

Neha Raje , Pushpak Jaju , Shardul Khot

Honorable Mention - BB21A5163 - INDIA

Yashvi Manish Shah

Honorable Mention - BB21A0808 - INDIA