The Address - Innovating Multi - Level Living in India

An invitation to all designers to design an innovative residential facility in India. Human being are always involved in the process of adaption from the consequence created by its own. Among such one of the prevailing consequence humans face at present is the space crunch. The concept of vertical living is no new but the way architecture has shaped it has made vertical living a new luxury. The aim of the competition is to explore & innovate new design possibilities for the future vertical communities in India. The major thought behind the competition is to refine the "Apartment Architecture" in India. Come, join this design movement and be a part of this amazing competition.


Ar. Akshay Heranjal

Principal Architect - The Purple Ink Studio

Ar. Aditi Pai

Principal Landscape Architect - The Purple Ink Studio

Arunima Dasgupta , Adithya David

First Prize - AD20D2154 - INDIA

Rashmi Singh , Tvisha Gor

Second Prize - AD20D2251 - INDIA

Po-Yu Chung , Yu-Jun Yeh

Third Prize - AD20D2196 - UNITED STATES

Varshni.M.S. , Nandhini.N , Karthika.S

Best Student Design - AD20D2157 - INDIA

Jaydatt Vaishnav , Hardik Gangani , Akash Velani

Best Architect Design - AD20D2193 - INDIA

Tianxiang Wu

Best Presentation Award - AD20D2289 - CHINA

Farhan Kashif Jeelani , Abhishek Dhar , Murtaza Ameer

Honorable Mention - AD20D2230 - INDIA

Akash Katnawar , Chetan Aggarwal , Vinayak Aggarwal

Honorable Mention - AD20D4209 - INDIA

Palkar Mayuri Ganesh , Jatin Kumar , Nehanshi Laddha

Honorable Mention - AD20D2237 - INDIA

Shubham Jamode , Anirudh Thorat , Saurabh Darkunde

Honorable Mention - AD20D4187 - INDIA

Ieshika Singh , Chaitanya Gajbhiye , Muskan Varshney

Honorable Mention - AD20D2300 - INDIA

Tejashveer Ramnath , S. P. Haricharan

Honorable Mention - AD20D2264 - INDIA

Nikunj Chauhan , Jinal Patel , Esha Patel

Honorable Mention - AD20D2260 - INDIA

Mohammed Ali Iqbal Girach

Honorable Mention - AD20D4199 - INDIA

Insiya Farhullah , Abhishek Panchal , Mustafa Hasan

Honorable Mention - AD20D2242 - INDIA

Abhimanyu Madaan , Ujjwal Aneja , Vertika Bajaj

Honorable Mention - AD20D2234 - INDIA

Shubham Kumar , Sarvesh Limaye , Bezawada Sahiti

Honorable Mention - AD20D2283 - INDIA

S. Adithya Srinath , Akshay Stephen Saurabh

Honorable Mention - AD20D2273 - INDIA

Ananya Biswas , Koustav Bhadra , Anyarupa Mukherjee

Honorable Mention - AD20D2180 - INDIA

Kimaya Kulkarni , Surabhi Patil

Honorable Mention - AD20D4191 - INDIA

Madhura V Tandale , Nivedithaa S , Viswakarun K

Honorable Mention - AD20D2189 - INDIA