The Architects Arena - Design Your Own Architecture/Interior Design Studio

Office / Workshop / Studio holds a significant place in every designer's life because from this very workplace your concepts turn into reality. We believe your workspace represents you & the way you work. Our studio is like a mirror , it reflects what we do , how we do & what we are capable of doing. As Architects/Interior designers we all have a dream of having our own studio. The challenge is to design an architecture/interior design studio with workspace for 20-40 people. The aim of the competition is to design a studio which is open for design dialogues , a studio that is innovative in terms of its architecture & interiors and a studio that is beyond glass cubicles & breaks the monotony of a conventional office.

The Studio School - A Challenge To Design An Architecture School In India

Architecture & Humanity has came a long way , from living in caves to world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. The key driver of this journey are human imaginations & the technology which has supported us in achieving many architectural marvels. Earlier nature acted as a teacher & guided us to build shelters with available resources and today we have architecture schools which helps us to understand more about the field. The aim of this brief is to design an Architecture School in India which acts as a full-scale teaching tool. The challenge is to design a full fledged Architecture School which acts as benchmark for design schools in India.

The Casa - A Challenge To Design World's Most Extraordinary Home

Home is the place where you share good & bad days and create memories with your loved ones. A home is not just 05 - 06 people inhabiting the space , it houses the religion , the culture & tradition , the food & the lifestyle of all individuals. We believe home is not a stagnant entity , in fact it is constantly evolving & shaping itself as per the use of its users. From caves , huts , mud brick homes to grand castle & palaces , we have seen all shades of what a home can be. We invite participants to design a home that is unique in terms of its architecture & interiors , a home that has an element of surprise & elegance and a home that is truly bold , innovative & experimental. Let your design imaginations go wild because its time to design world’s most extraordinary home.

The Highness - A Challenge To Design An Innovative Hotel

Tourism industry has always contributed largely in terms of revenue for any healthy economy. Accommodation i.e hotels/resorts/motels is one of the biggest sector in terms of size , function & revenue. Exploring new places , culture , food & attractions is now the sole purpose of traveling today. By 2030 it assumed the industry will be worth more than 1700 billion USD. The rise in purchasing power , desire for travel experiences and increasing number of digital influences are fuelling the growth of hospitality industry. The aim of this brief is to achieve an innovative design solution for hotel which stands out in terms of architecture , interiors and provides a unique experience to its guests through its architecture & design.

The Urban Insert - A Place Making Challenge At Gateway Of India , Mumbai

What is an URBAN INSERT ? Too easy , an insert or let’s say an installation that can elevate the quality of an existing space. The insert can be a public park, a pavilion, urban furniture, a gallery , an art installation , a small public library etc. The challenge is to design a meaningful insert at the Gateway of India , Mumbai. Through this competition our aim is to look for proposals which add value , beauty & a statement to one of the India’s most picturesque location where two historic monuments of India - The Taj Mahal Palace and Gateway Of India stand tall. It’s time to give a contemporary design touch to this historic place with your URBAN INSERT.