Current Competition

Students are the backbone of any society or nation. A nation’s progress is dependent on how much is the young generation educated because a student who learns today will work for the future of his/her country. India is fortunate that more than 60% of its total population of the country consists young people and most of them are the students. These students would be pillars, the country would be standing on.


India is home to some 34 million students in higher education system out of which 18.6 million students are male & 16.0 millions are females which is double the size of numbers of students in the west. By 2020, India is expected to reach the student enrollment mark to 40 million. The student mobility in India, both internationally & intra-nationally is expected to rise in the coming years.


The real issue here is with such sheer of volume of student there is a severe lack of quality student housing in India. As against 10.4 million students in India there are only 6.1 million bed capacity meaning that the student housing sector has a huge unmet demand. In countries like USA, UK & AUSTRALIA student housing sector is already a prevailing concept. India is considered as a education-hub in the asia-pacific region & hence time has come India should address the unorganized student housing sector worth billions and set an example in the region.


The aim of the competition is to address the unmet student housing demand in India through an innovative architectural solution. Today’s hostels in India are just mere concrete boxes with zero sense of architecture which eventually hinders a student’s development. The aim is to design a student community for 140 occupants with all state of the art facilities. The design should be such that it can be replicated in different parts of the country & should establish an example of student housing brand in India. The design solution should be User-centric, Innovative, Modular & should have Aesthetics. The design should become the “REFRENCE PROJECT” for the student housing in India.