The Casa - A Challenge To Design World's Most Extraordinary Home

Total Prize - INR 175000

Registration Dates

11/03/2023 to 10/07/2023

Home is the place where you share good & bad days and create memories with your loved ones. A home is not just 05 - 06 people inhabiting the space , it houses the religion , the culture & tradition , the food & the lifestyle of all individuals. We believe home is not a stagnant entity , in fact it is constantly evolving & shaping itself as per the use of its users. From caves , huts , mud brick homes to grand castle & palaces , we have seen all shades of what a home can be. We invite participants to design a home that is unique in terms of its architecture & interiors , a home that has an element of surprise & elegance and a home that is truly bold , innovative & experimental. Let your design imaginations go wild because its time to design world’s most extraordinary home.

Total Prize
INR 175000

Sanjay Puri

Principal Architect - Sanjay Puri Architects