The Studio School - A Challenge To Design An Architecture School In India

Total Prize - INR 175000

Registration Dates

21/11/2022 to 10/03/2023

Architecture & Humanity has came a long way , from living in caves to world's tallest building Burj Khalifa. The key driver of this journey are human imaginations & the technology which has supported us in achieving many architectural marvels. Earlier nature acted as a teacher & guided us to build shelters with available resources and today we have architecture schools which helps us to understand more about the field. The aim of this brief is to design an Architecture School in India which acts as a full-scale teaching tool. The challenge is to design a full fledged Architecture School which acts as benchmark for design schools in India.

Total Prize
INR 175000

Akshay Heranjal

Principal Architect - The Purple Ink Studio