The Urban Escape - Designing A Community Of Eco - Habitats

Total Prize - INR 150000

Registration Dates

24/07/2021 to 30/09/2021

An invitation to all designers to design a community of Eco - Habitats. The challenge is to design a community of 50 eco-homes. Each home in the community should be designed keeping in mind all the sustainable aspects. “The Urban Escape” design brief aims to explore innovative & sustainable housing ideas wherein earth , water , food , air and vegetation are considered as the elements of the project. The aim of the brief is to achieve design proposals which are bold, experimental & most importantly functional. Let us all try to bring a change and create a new category of housing which has all the features of an “Urban” home but at the same time the community experience is “Rural”.

Total Prize
INR 150000

Hiren Patel

Principal Architect - Hiren Patel Architects