MasterPeace - A Meditation & Yoga Retreat Center Design Challenge

Total Prize - INR 150000

Registration Dates

11/05/2021 to 23/07/2021

An invitation to all designers to design a meditation & yoga center catering its services to max. 500-1000 people. The center should have open & enclosed areas for meditation & yoga. The aim of the competition is to promote such retreat centers which have now become the need of the hour in today’s world. Yoga & Meditation in India were first practiced only by religious monks. Today millions of people worldwide roll out their mats daily to practice and is now a worldwide phenomenon. Dedicated centers & studios for practicing yoga & meditation have added to the popularity of both the art. Meditation & Yoga as a trend are bound to grow at a faster pace as more & more people indulge in these two art in order to find peace & physical fitness.

Total Prize
INR 150000

Sandeep Khosla

Founder + Principal - Khosla Associates

Deepak Guggari

Principal Architect - Studio VDGA